Mala Stories

Crystals + Aromas + Intentions


Each person’s experience with a mala will be different, as it’s a piece of your own story.  Each bead has its own energetic qualities and powers.  When you find yourself drawn to a mala, listen to your inner voice.  You may be drawn to the colors, the crystal meanings, or the natural energy of the piece; connect to your intuition and open yourself to the possibilities.


Hello, and welcome to Mala Stories!  I am Elisa Early. I’m a wife, mom, business owner, and creative maker behind each mala. Modern life is often complicated and chaotic, and I find balance, healing, and inspiration in the grounding elements of nature. From the 100% silk thread to the powerful gemstone beads, I source, design, hand-string and hand-knot each piece. 


I love to combine crystals in beautiful patterns based on how the energies of the crystals work together. Each piece is finished with a unique pendant or tassel.  I design as I go, letting let the energy of the crystals guide me, and I source beads, tassels and pendants in limited quantities, so two pieces are rarely the same.


Each necklace has 108 beads – a spiritually significant number with many connections to sacred practices and philosophies.  The beads are made of natural materials (like crystals and wood) and are strung together with a tassel or pendant. Our malas are designed to amplify intentions, mindfulness, inspiration, beauty, frequency, and connection to higher power, spirit and nature.