Mala Stories

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About Your Mala


About your mala

Most malas are single production and may not be restocked. Each mala comes in a cloth Mala Stories bag with information on suggested essential oil pairings and suggested intentions to use with your mala.

Use the 108 mala beads to guide you through breath work, meditation, speaking mantras/intentions, or simply as a beautiful tool to slow yourself down and stay present. During yoga, lay your mala at the head of your mat to absorb your energy and focus your movement.

Your mala has been cleansed in the moonlight, and energized with care and blessings.  However, I suggest you cleanse your mala again to welcome it into your environment and program it with your intentions.

I hand-knot each mala using 100% natural silk thread and a combination of 10mm, 8mm and 6mm beads. It has beautiful drape and hand-feel. The crystals and stones used in our malas are natural, there will be some variability in size, shape, color. The utmost care goes into selecting materials and and beading each item.

Crystal meanings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailments. They can be used for spiritual support, results are the sole responsibility of the wearer.


Using essential oils with your mala

Along with the benefits of wearing crystals, this mala is a unique essential oil diffuser. Drop pure essential oils onto the lava or wood beads and rub the beads between your palms to soak in the drops. The oils will be absorbed and the scent will linger, enhancing your mala practice.

When we inhale aromatic essential oils, the molecules directly communicate with our olfactory pathways and limbic system, complicated neurochemical signals and reactions deeply rooted in memory and intuition. Additionally, the vibrational energy from the semi-precious mala beads helps to enhance the benefits of the essential oils and balance the body.

No need to clean the beads after applying an essential oil, the scent will gradually evaporate after 1-2 days and you can apply a different essential oil.

With each mala I have recommended several oils which support similar emotional intentions. You can select one or two of these oils to try, or just use your own preference to select an oil that will support your intention.

Caution: Some oils like Blue Tansy or Myrrh may stain white lava beads.


Caring for your mala

Your mala is sacred and fragile, wear it with care.

  • Do not wear your mala while sleeping, swimming, working out, or showering. Do not submerge your mala in liquid.

  • Use only high quality and pure essential oils with your necklace, harsh chemicals may damage the beads and thread.

  • Polish with a 100% cotton jewelry cloth only.

  • To preserve your mala, avoid hanging it; malas should be stored in a linen or cotton bag, to reduce stress on the thread.

  • Do not leave out in high temperatures - could cause fading of some beads and weakening of the thread.

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

  • Cleanse crystals regularly by placing in moonlight.