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Crystals + Aromas + Intentions


Crafting unique, small production gemstone jewelry to bring the beautiful and powerful energy of crystals, essential oils, and intentions into everyday life.


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Unique Features



Lava and wood beads used in each piece and are very porous. These beads are able to absorb essential oils very well, so that you can experience the aromatic benefits while you wear your jewelry. Just dab a drop of essential oils onto the beads and rub between your palms to work the oils in, then enjoy the scent! After 1-2 days the scent will fade and you can apply a new essential oil, no need to clean the beads or limit yourself to using 1 oil per necklace.


Small Production

All pieces are designed, and crafted by me, Elisa, by the beach in San Clemente, California. I carefully source unique and high-quality beads, tassels and pendants, and I love the creative process of working with the energy of the materials to shape a piece.

Most malas you see listed online are one-of-a-kind and may not be restocked. If you see one you like, grab it up! I also love to support local vendor shows and markets, check out the Events link below to to see where I’ll be next!